Tivat, Kotor and Herceg Novi:
Water Supply And Sanitation Adriatic Coast Programm, Montenegro


  • Sanitation
  • Water Supply


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From 2020 to 2025

Project Activities

Municipality of Tivat:

  • Extension of the sewerage system in Gradiosnica and Donja Lastva
  • Construction of distribution network for Reservoir Gradiosnica
  • Partial replacement of transmission main to Plavi Horizonti
  • Extension of the secondary and tertiary sewer network in settlements Mazine, Tripovici, Gornja and Donja Zupa (Immediate Measure)
  • Extension of the secondary sewer network in higher zones of Settlement Gornji Kaliman (Optional Services)
  • Replacement of distribution pipelines in Donja Lastva
  • Supply of Reservoir Tivat and Reservoir Gradiosnica from Reservoir Podkuk
  • Replacement of pressure and distribution pipes in settlement Radovici

Municipality of Kotor:

  • Replacement of the transmission main from Verige to Risan
  • Rehabilitation, restructuring and improvement of the water supply system Muo-Prcanj-Stoliv
  • Sewage system in Risan and Perast
  • Transmission pipeline from Perast to Muo
  • Water supply network in Risan and Perast
  • Installation of safety fences and improvement of security of water supply facilities
  • Construction of operation building and storage facilities for ViK Kotor
  • Reconstruction of Tabacina Pumping Station
  • Rehabilitation of the water supply network in Novo Naselje
  • Removal of storm water infiltration / inflow in the sewer network
  • Preparation of detailed design for removal of drainage connections to the Vrmac Tunnel gravity sewer
  • Water supply network rehabilitation in Lower Zone of Dobrota and Zlatne Njive / Tabacina
  • Extension of capacity of Peluzica Pumping Station and Pressure main

Municipality of Herceg Novi (optional services only)

  • Rehabilitation and improvement of water supply network in different locations
  • Installation of SCADA system for supervision and management of the water supply system
  • Construction of secondary sewer network in different locations
  • Rehabilitation of coastal collector in Igalo with reconstruction of pumping station Igalo

Sludge Disposal Tivat/Kotor (Optional Services only)


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Since 1999 the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany under its official bilateral cooperation has committed substantial financing to support the water and sewage sector of the coastal area of Montenegro. This programme has been conducted in phases and while investment Phases I and II have been completed Phases III, IV and V, Component 1, are currently under implementation. The Overall Objective of the Programme is to contribute to the economic development of Montenegro by supporting tourism development in the project area, as well as improving the protection of the environment and of water resources, and establishing a sustainable structure for service provision in the water sector at the Montenegrin Coast.
This project covers the next investment phase, Phase V, Component 2 and focuses mainly on the water supply system, the sewage and stormwater systems and sludge disposal in Tivat, Kotor and Herceg Novi. It aims to provide universal, equitable and affordable safe drinking water to the population of Tivat, Kotor and Herceg Novi and to improve the sewage disposal, covering demand peaks in the summer months caused by tourism.