Glass constructions / Glass fronts Main station / „Lehrter Bahnhof“


  • Buildings & Architecture
  • Transport and Infrastructure


Dorsch International Consultants

Construction Sum

37 Mio. €


999 T. € + 554 T. € (Nachtrag für Beschleunigung)


DB Station und Service AG DB Projekt Verkehrsbau GmbH


From 2002 to 2009

Project Activities

  • Structural steel engineering
  • Photovoltaics
  • Glazing
  • Level access technique
  • Technical equipment
  • Safety and health protection coordination
  • Management of supplements


Dorsch International Consultants GmbH

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Landsberger Str. 368
80687 München

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The main item is the project area „Lehrter Bahnhof“ at the north shore of the river Spree. Designed as intersection station, the „Lehrter Bahnhof“ is served besides of long-distance railway in north-south (level -2) and east-west-direction (level -1) by underground in north-south direction (U5, level -2) and city railway in east-west direction (level +1) as well.

The project sector „city railway“ contains basically the two railway bridges over the „Lehrter Bahnhof“ on level +1 and over the port Humboldthafen.

The structures east and west are neighbour projects. The contract for the project-related construction supervision of the tendering lot AL 1.5 was awarded to Dorsch Consult Berlin.

  • On 12th September 1995 the plan approval procedure for the north-south-connection with the Lehrter Bahnhof was completed. The preparations for construction could start. The first excavations had been made until 1998. The actual construction of the station started on 9th September 1998 with the laying of the foundation stone.
  • Due to construction delay caused by pre-providers and because of missing building permissions, the construction of the glass roof could only be started on 1st February 2002.
  • With the objective to place into service the whole station until the world cup 2006, measures to quicken the construction process had been carried out successfully.
  • Works were effected even at night and at weekends. Therefore, up to 14 persons worked in the construction supervision.
  • On 4th of July 2002, the station „Lehrter Bahnhof“ was placed into service for the whole east-west-traffic on schedule.