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Our Expertise: Architecture & Urban Development

The essence of architecture lies in the planning, design and engineering of buildings. Architecture is also frequently referred to as the most public of all arts – and for good reason. It is first and foremost thanks to their unique buildings that many cities have achieved fame. 

We have made it our mission to use this artistic form of art to enhance cities and landscapes and make our living environment even more liveable. In doing so, we embrace constant change and digitalisation and incorporate our very own concepts of tomorrow’s world.

In the design and development process our experienced specialists also address all levels of sustainability to provide intelligent urban planning, using an integrated, step-by-step approach. We will, of course, also accompany you through the construction phases that follow.

Discover our Portfolio of Architecture & Urban Development

Buildings & Architecture

We plan buildings for the private and public sector.


Urban Development

We plan and design modern settlements and urban quarters.



Our solutions help to balance encroachments on the natural environment.



We coordinate the overall planning and construction work for you.


Green Building

Environmental compatibility through efficient and sustainable building practices.