Sanitation Master Plan for the Service Area of Jerusalem Water Undertaking in Ramallah/Al Bireh District


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  • Sanitation


Dorsch International Consultants


Jerusalem Water Undertaking (JWU)


From 2017 to 2018

Project Activities

  1. Developing a SMP for the service area of Jerusalem Water Undertaking (JWU) being located in the Governorates of Ramallah and Al Bireh including the Jerusalem Governorate (parts J-1 and J-2).
  2. The SMP shall comprise the following aspects:
  • Treatment and final disposal of domestic, commercial, institutional wastewater, etc.; preliminary design for sewer networks and main collectors and estimation of design parameters for WWTP; the level of sanitation services shall cover – central vs. cluster / on-site solutions
  • finalisation of the cadastre for industrial wastewater and related basic estimations (quantity, quality, range of treatment),
  • analysis of quantities of faecal sludge for treatment in WWTP
  • the collection of storm water and addressing of hot spots through preliminary designs
  • Comparison of wastewater treatment options and selection of preferred option for energy efficiency and recovery


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Improvment of the living conditions of the people in the Palestinian Territories by improving the collection, treatment and disposal of wastewater and providing reliable sustainable services to the population; Providing a sound basis for the future development of comprehensive wastewater system to the population in the future supply area of the JWU.