State of Bihar:
Four-Laning and Strengthening of National Highway/NH-2


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Dorsch Consult (India) Private Ltd.


National Highways Authority of India/NHAI (Ministry of Surface Transport), New Delhi


From 1998 to 2000

Project Activities

  • Topographic surveying (total station method/TSM)
  • Technical feasibility study (pavement, soils, materials,traffic, structures, drainage)
  • Environmental feasibility study (wild life sanctuary,tree stocks, cultural heritage)
  • Economic feasibility study (project cost estimate,economic analysis)
  • Social impact and resettlement studies (screening,census, action plan)
  • Preliminary and detailed engineering design (preliminary and detailed project report/PPR & DPR)
  • Preparation of tender documents (international competitive bidding/ICB).


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The arterial National Highway/NH-2 links New Delhiwith Calcutta; about 80% of through-traffic comprises commercial vehicles.

Within the framework of the Third National Highway Project financed by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development/IBRD consultancy package V involved the 4-laning and strengthening of the existing 2-lane, 7 m wide section from km 180 (Aurangabad) to km 398.75 (Barwa Adda), which passes through plain and rolling terrain (min. 100m, max. 410m above m.s.l., 7 largerivers) in the State of Bihar.

The upgraded highway (design speed 100 km/h, width 7.25 m plus max. 5.00 m median and 2.50 m shoulder) is possibly to serve as a public toll road (i.e. with toll plazas plus frontage/service roads for local and non-motorized traffic, especially in congested areas).

Construction is envisaged in 3 homogeneous sections.

DORSCH CONSULT in association with GHERZI EASTERN LTD. of Mumbai was charged with the preparation of a feasibility study, engineering design and tender documents.