Map Ta Phut, Rayong:
Detailed Engineering of PTTLNG Interconnecting Pipeline


  • Oil & Gas

Construction Sum

US$ 32,850,000


Italian Thai Development PLC.


From 2021 to 2022

Project Activities

The scope of services include
• FEED Verification
• Detailed Engineering, scope of work includes process, piping, pipeline, mechanical, civil /structure and Electrical /Instrument
• The work consists of calculation, specification, datasheet, drawing, procurement assistance including RFG, TBE and others procurement
• Be an ITD representative to coordinate with piperack owner and other contractors in term of engineering interface permit application with related authoirities


The construction of 28” Interconnecting Natural Gas Pipeline with total length of 11 km., which is connected between Map Ta Phut Terminal (LMPT1) and Nong Fab Terminal (LMPT2), has been approved by PTTLNG.
This new NG pipeline is planned to be able to work in 2 mode:

  • NG transfer from LMPT1 to LMPT2
  • NG transfer from LMPT2 to LMPT1

The project comprises detailed engineering, construction of above and underground 28” NG pipeline and permit. Both open cut and HDD method are considered for underground construction. The Italian Thai Development was awarded by PTTLNG as an EPC for the project.