Calau/Lower Lausitz (Brandenburg):
Calau (Niederlausitz) train station


  • Buildings & Architecture
  • BIM – Building Information Modeling
  • Railways


GRE German Rail Engineering GmbH


DB Station&Service AG


From 2017 to 2018

Project Activities

  • Project planning traffic facilities Lph 1-2
  • Object planning traffic facilities Lph 3-4 optional
  • Project planning of civil engineering structures Lph 1-2
  • Project planning of civil engineering structures Lph 3-4 optional
  • Project planning technical equipment (EEA, FIA) Lph 1-2
  • Object planning technical equipment (EEA, FIA) Lph 3-4 optional


GRE German Rail Engineering GmbH

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Fax: +49 30 24749-204

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The Calau (Niederlausitz) transport station to be renewed is located in the area of responsibility of the eastern regional area and extends on the track side from km 149.4+42 to km 150.8+77 of line 6345.

The platforms at the existing through station were originally built in 1890. According to the station list, the station has the station number 1019 and is assigned to category 5. There are four platform tracks at the station. There is an internal platform, a central platform and an intermediate platform.

DB Station&Service AG is planning a complete reconstruction of the existing station. The aim of this measure is to create modern, barrier-free and customer-friendly passenger stations to increase acceptance and use in SPNV.

The existing passenger subway will be dismantled and replaced by a new building including the stairways to the new platforms. To achieve barrier-free access, one lift per platform will be retrofitted.

The traffic station is being planned using the BIM method. For this purpose, an as-built model and three planning models (variant study) are to be created for the selection of the preferred solution.

Technical parameters

  • Platform length: 145 m - 175 m
  • Platform width: ≥ 2.50 m (5.15...6.43 m)
  • Platform height: 0.55 m above SE (with option to 0.76 m)
  • Access: via ramp and a PUF with stairs and lifts
  • Weather protection buildings according to equipment catalogue for station category 5 (type A 02.05)