Global Leadership Day of Dorsch Gruppe

Engineers and Consultants of the Dorsch Gruppe look confidently into the future

International planning and consulting team from 50 countries meets in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

The Dorsch Gruppe, founded in 1950 and today one of the largest planning and consulting companies in Germany with over 7,200 employees, invited its international management team to Frankfurt am Main last Friday. Especially in the last three years, Dorsch Gruppe has grown significantly through the acquisition of reputable subsidiaries in Germany and worldwide. Most recently, in May, the renowned Egyptian planning and consulting company ECG joined Dorsch Gruppe – with the number of employees almost doubling.

The main focus of the group lies on water and environment, architecture and urban planning, development cooperation, energy and industry, as well as transport infrastructure. Across the board, digital solutions and sustainability are central. Projects are planned and managed in all life cycles, both nationally and internationally.

Olaf Hoffmann, CEO of Dorsch Holding, calls the meeting a significant milestone for the Dorsch Gruppe, which he has led since 2005: "The group of companies has developed enormously in the last two decades - and especially since 2020. We have formed a powerful, globally respected planning and consulting company that is ready to master future challenges competently."

The Dorsch Gruppe is part of RSBG, the investment company of the RAG Foundation, which has held 100 percent of the shares since 2018.