Better together. Together better.

As a group of companies with 7,200 employees worldwide, the Dorsch Gruppe, under the umbrella of the RAG Foundation (Essen), is one of the largest independent planning and consulting companies in Germany and is represented internationally with several branches and a large number of project offices in more than 50 countries. The focus of the group of companies is on innovative consulting, planning and implementation support, especially in the infrastructure fields of mobility & transport, water & environment, architecture & urban development and energy & industry.

In recent years, a large number of companies with their own history cultivated over many decades have joined the Dorsch Gruppe. The majority of these companies are known in the consulting engineering industry and by their clients under their own brand and tradition. Our aim is to maintain the identity and individual corporate identity of these companies belonging to the group.

With the addition of "Dorsch Gruppe" under their logos, these companies will in future emphasise the intensive corporate association with the Dorsch Gruppe. This reflects our conviction that great things can be achieved through cooperation.

Within the group of companies it is possible to responsibly plan and competently supervise projects for a sustainable built environment in all life cycles, both nationally and internationally. The entire group benefits from the strength of a large community and contributes to the success of the entire group through the exchange of excellence and expertise.

We are pleased to be able to expand our already intensive cooperation even further and to now also visibly communicate it to the outside world with the expansion of these corporate logos.