Ahmedabad: Project Management Services for Construction of Gujarat Gas Grid

Gujarat Gas-Netzwerk
Gujarat Gas-Netzwerk

In the year 2000 Gujarat State Petronet Ltd. commenced construction of the Gujarat Gas Grid, a natural gas transmission and distribution system in the state of Gujarat, India. Upon completion this Gas Grid of approximately 1,500 km trunk and spur lines, serving the State of Gujarat, will supply natural gas to industries and communities. 

Within the framework of this project DORSCH CONSULT was awarded to render Consulting Services to strengthen the Client´s organisation (Capacity Building). These services addressed in particular project management, overall project monitoring, quality assurance, the development of organisational procedures and the training of local staff.


Industrial Engineering


DC India


Gujarat State Petronet Ltd., Gandhinagar, India

Project Activities

DORSCH CONSULT experts reviewed the Client´s organisation and a tailor made quality assurance system in accordance with ISO 9000 Standard for all organisational procedures was developed. In addition to that a standard Project Manual was drawn up outlining the procedures required for the successful handling of pipeline projects. 

Those procedures were developed in close cooperation with the client’s personnel and the implementation programme was supported by regular presentations and individual training. Furthermore the Dorsch Consult experts supported the client’s project staff throughout all ongoing project activities.


From 2000 to 2001


Nirmal G. Humbad