Ahmedabad: Four-lane Extension of Ahmedabad-Viramgam Road

Ausbau der Ahmedabad-Viramgam-Straße
Ausbau der Ahmedabad-Viramgam-Straße

The project comprises a 58 km long four-lane extension between the towns of Ahmedabad and Virangram. The PPP-project is to be largely financed by tollcharges. 

The project is carried out in joint venture with Larrsen Tonbro Capital Company under the leadership of Dorsch Consult. The construction management encompasses all the project periods from inception to participation in contract award.


Transport and Infrastructure


DC India


Gujarat State Road Development Corporation Ltd. (GSRDC)

Project Activities

  • Traffic surveys
  • Surveying and soil investigation
  • Assessment of overall needs for capacity augmentation
  • Social and environmental impact assessments
  • Assessment of needs for operation and maintenance
  • Economic analysis
  • Preliminary design
  • Implementation of tender documents for contract awarding as a concessionary project
  • Participation in contract awarding.


From 2000 to 2003


Nirmal G. Humbad