New Delhi: Detailed Feasibility Report for Pipeline Pandua to Jagdishpur

Pipeline Pandua to Jagdishpur
Pipeline Pandua to Jagdishpur

GAIL is planning to lay a pipeline system under Nationa lGas Grid programme from Haldia to Jagdishpur for transporting 10 MMSCMD of natural gas being outsourced to Pandua, Bangladesh, shall terminate at Jagdishpur in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

The length of proposed pipeline along with throughput would be as follows: from Haldia to Jagdishpur approx. 1100 km, 10 MMSCMD.


Industrial Engineering


DC India


GAIL (India) Limited

Project Activities

  • Process Design
  • Reconnaissance Survey
  • Market Survey
  • Identification of Site for stations and tap-off
  • Environment Management Plan (EMP)
  • Rapid Risk Analysis (RRA)
  • System Optimization
  • Capital Cost Estimation
  • Project Implementation Strategy
  • Financial Analysis


From 2003 to 2004


Nirmal G. Humbad