TV report and interview on Dorsch project Frankfurt Airport


Construction works during night shift

​After 20 years, the extensively used Taxiway Lima, one of the most important taxiways at Frankfurt International Airport, needs to be rehabilitated. The area covers 17 soccer fields or 120,000 square meters, 2,000 tons of material are used each night and the construction costs amount to € 35 million. The construction work is scheduled for 250 nights.

Dorsch International with its airport experts in Wiesbaden is responsible for the design and the tendering as well as the site management and local construction supervision in the project. Flight operations will continue as normal during the construction phase. The construction crew therefore always works at night under extreme time pressure.

On September 30, 2020, Hessischer Rundfunk reported in a short TV story on HR3 about the ongoing work at Frankfurt Airport. Our colleague Ms. Metzroth is also interviewed there.

See the video here (in German):,video-133360.html​


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