Successful Environmental Impact Assessment for the 3rd Runway on the Vienna Airport


Bird's eye view of Vienna-Schwechat International Airport (Source: Flughafen Wien AG)

Austria’s largest environmental impact assessment ever, which is for the new third runway on the Vienna-Schwechat Airport, has been successfully completed with the positive confirmation of the authorities in first instance on July 7th 2012. After more than 10 years of planning and five years of preparations on behalf of the client  Flughafen Wien AG, Dorsch International Consultants GmbH, as general planner, is mainly responsible for the success of this large scale project.

The complete project consists of the new construction of the third take-off and landing runway and all its constituent parts, including the traffic linking roads, the replacement of the federal road B10, modification of waters and all the supplies and disposals. 

In addition to the main functions of a general planner, Dorsch has also performed numerous expert planning and assessment services together with the Viennese Engineers’ Office Neukirchen.

  • Overall project management and lead management of the consortium.
  • Environment Compatibility Confirmation coordination: Design of the main approval paper, coordination and integration of all environment related expert reports (approx. 25 extern assessors).
  • Monitoring of the approval procedure from 2007
  • Planning of the air traffic plants
  • Planning of the complete de-watering
  • Expert reports on brownfields and warefare material
  • Geotechnical planning services (Planning of the waste area for excavated material)


On its website, the ORF has an article about this project in the Lower-Austria news:



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