Light at the End of the Tunnel - “Mittlerer Ring” Southwest in Munich in Full Swing


The aim of tunnel construction Mittlerer Ring Southwest in Munich was to shift traffic on the surface to the underground, as one of the measure in improving the living quality of Munich residents, by reducing noise and air pollution caused by traffic. In addition, Munich’s existing green belt would be expanded, providing more green areas within the city. Dorsch International, a well-known consulting company was responsible for the design of tunnel and road structures, as well as the development of traffic routing concept during construction phase. The official tunnel opening is scheduled in the second half of 2015.   

The construction of tunnel and road structures began in 2009, after City of Munich had announced the invitation to tender for the construction of this project on European level. As of today, the construction of road tunnel was almost completed, including tunnel safety system works. It is scheduled to be open to public in the second half of 2015. The space on the surface above the tunnel alignment, which had become available after the opening, would be redesigned into a green beltway, filling the gap of the existing Munich green belt. This restoration works should be finished in late 2017. Furthermore, the Heckenstaller Park of about 28,000 sqm with  approximately 450 trees would be redesigned into a more attractive park for families with children in particular, by offering facilities e.g. street ball courts and boulder walls, but also for the elder generation. The median strip with a width of 10 m along Garmischer Street would be designed as lively promenade, attracting people to stroll around and enjoy the public space. The Luise-Kiesselbach-Platz itself serves as a crucial traffic node within Munich’s road networks, connecting roads to and from the south western part of Munich. It is expected that the traffic volume on the road surface would reduce from 120,000 to 40,000 vehicles per day.

Dorsch International has been assigned by the City of Munich with the planning of three tunnel structures as part of Mittlerer Ring, Munich’s main traffic artery. The first was Petuel Tunnel  of 1.5 km located in the northern part of Munich. This was opened to public in 2002. The second was Richard-Strauss-Tunnel in the eastern part of Munich, opened to public in 2009. As of today, Dorsch International is in charge of planning the Mittlerer Ring Southwest of 2.8 km, including design of the Luise-Kiesselbach Tunnel, design of a lower road with retaining walls, and Heckenstaller Tunnel.

The project scope comprises design and consulting services for

  • two tunnel structures, one bridge structure
  • geotechnical study
  • tunnel drainage system and tunnel safety system
  • structural road design above the tunnel alignment

"Both tunnel structures are linked with road at lower level which is supported with retaining walls on both sides. These complex civil structures would ensure that residents living in the surrounding area would be relieved from traffic congestion. In close cooperation with the City of Munich we placed a great emphasis on sustainability, so the project meets the latest standards now", so Rupert Reichthalhammer, project manager, department of transport at Dorsch International.




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