Important Milestone for Coburg Airfield, Germany


After three years, the design and expert's surveys for Coburg Civil Airfield in Germany have just been finalized. Last week the Federal Office of Aviation of Northern Bavaria received all necessary documents for the initiation of the official planning approval procedure. Now all data and facts are accessible for the public.

The project corporation “Verkehrslandeplatz Coburg” (Coburg civil airfield) is planning the establishment of an efficient and future-proof airfield in Coburg area with support of the city council, the district council and the Government of Bavaria.

The special permit for commercial air traffic at the existing airfield “Brandensteinsebene” is limited until end of 2019. So the intention of the project executing organisation is to get started with a new airfield not later than Jan. 1st 2020 at a future-proof location. Within the scope of the previous regional planning procedure in 2006, the location of Meeder-Neida area was selected as preferred location for the new airfield. The 60 hectares airfield is projected for about 14,000 airline passengers per year and is located about 7 km from Coburg.

The Joint Venture Baader - Dorsch provided an environmental impact assessment study (Dorsch) as well as a landscape conservation plan (Baader) for the permit procedure. In addition the Joint Venture provided other environmental and wildlife conservation documents such as the environmental impact assessment “Natura 2000” and contributions to a survey and special study for preserving protected species, so called “saP”.


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