Dorsch Gruppe is Industry Partner in the Research Project “Morgenstadt“ of Fraunhofer Society


The project “Morgenstadt“ is one of the central projects of the future in the course of the German government’s high tech strategy 2020. The aim of this project is to get closer to the sustained, livable and lasting city of tomorrow by means of the broad research and development competence of the Fraunhofer Society together with the city and industry partners.

In addition, the links of the economy and sciences of the industrial location Germany are to be strengthened and the conditions for innovation further improved.

15 Fraunhofer institutes are working in charge of the project, the city and industry partners have contribution and voting rights. At the moment Dorsch Gruppe is the only infrastructure consultant among the partner companies.

The participation of Dorsch Gruppe in this project and their active participation in the work groups are much appreciated by the Fraunhofer representatives as “…the cities of tomorrow have to be built in the end and not only planned virtually”.

The benefits of this project for Dorsch will only be as large as we make it by our own input. Proposals and contributions of all the Dorsch staff are very welcome at all times.

For all input and questions please contact Mr. Bernd Müssig of DI Munich at bernd.muessig(at)dorsch(dot)de.

As cross section agent for sustainable metropolitan development of Dorsch Gruppe he is our interface and main contact person for the Morgenstadt project.


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